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Official State Animals (mammals)

Official animals (mammals) listed by state. (List by state or year).
StateList by state Name Designated as Year
Alabama [ None ]    
Alaska [ None ]    
Arizona [ None ]    
Arkansas [ None ]    
California California Grizzly Bear (Ursus Californicus) State animal 1953
Colorado Rocky mountain bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis) State animal of the state of Colorado 1961
Connecticut Sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) State animal 1975
Delaware Grey fox Official wildlife animal of the State 2010
Florida Florida panther Official Florida state animal 1982
Georgia [ None ]    
Hawaii [ None ]    
Idaho [ None ]    
Illinois White-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) Official State animal of the State of Illinois 1982
Indiana [ None ]    
Iowa [ None ]    
Kansas American buffalo (Bos or Bison americanus) Official animal of the state of Kansas 1955
Kentucky Gray squirrel State wild game animal species 1968
Louisiana [ None ]    
Maine Moose State animal 1979
Maryland [ None ]    
Massachusetts [ None ]    
Michigan [ None ]    
Minnesota [ None ]    
Mississippi [ None ]    
Missouri Missouri Mule Official animal of the state of Missouri 1995
Montana Grizzly bear, (Ursus arctos horribilis) Official Montana state animal 1983
Nebraska [ None ]    
Nevada Desert Bighorn Sheep (Ovis canadensis nelsoni) Official state animal of the State of Nevada 1973
New Hampshire White tail deer Official state animal of New Hampshire 1983
New Jersey Horse (Equus caballus) New Jersey State Animal 1977
New Mexico Black Bear Official animal of New Mexico 1963
New York American Beaver Official animal of the state of New York 1975
North Carolina [ None ]    
North Dakota [ None ]    
Ohio White-tailed Deer Official animal of the state 1988
Oklahoma Bison State Animal of the State of Oklahoma 1972
Oklahoma White-tail deer Official game animal of the state of Oklahoma 1990
Oregon Beaver Official animal of the State of Oregon 1969
Pennsylvania Whitetail deer Official State animal of this commonwealth 1959
Rhode Island [ None ]    
South Carolina White-tailed deer Official animal of the State 1972
South Carolina Mule Official State Heritage Work Animal of South Carolina 2010
South Dakota Coyote State animal of South Dakota 1949
Tennessee Raccoon Official wild animal symbolic of the State of Tennessee 1972
Texas [ None ]    
Utah Elk State animal 1971
Vermont Morgan horse State animal 1961
Virginia [ None ]    
Washington [ None ]    
West Virginia Black Bear Official state animal 1973
Wisconsin Badger State animal 1957
Wisconsin Dairy Cow State domestic animal 1971
Wisconsin White-tailed Deer State wildlife animal 1957
Wyoming [ None ]    
Steve Parker

Mammal, by Steve Parker. 72 pages. Publisher: DK Publishing, Inc. (August 2, 2004) Reading level: Ages 8+.

Here is a spectacular and informative guide to the natural world of mammals. Stunning real-life photographs of bushbabies, badgers, wallabies and more offer a unique "eyewitness" view of the natural history of mammal behavior and anatomy. See how newborn mice develop, what the inside of a molehill looks like, what a whale has inside its mouth, how a chinchilla keeps its fur clean, and the only mammals that can fly. Learn how to recognize mammal footprints, why some animals store food in their cheek pouches, why you are a mammal, and how the porcupine frightens its enemies. Discover how camels can walk on sand, what mammals looked like in the Ice Age, why some mammals have spines instead of fur, what whiskers are for, why a wallaby has a pouch, and much, much more!

The Princeton Encyclopedia of Mammals

The Princeton Encyclopedia of Mammals, edited by David W. Macdonald. 976 pages. Publisher: Princeton University Press (February 9, 2009)

The Princeton Encyclopedia of Mammals is the most comprehensive and accessible reference book on mammals available. Unsurpassed in scope and stunningly illustrated, this book covers every known living species, from aardvarks to zorros. The informative and lively text is written by acclaimed researchers from around the world and features a concise general introduction to mammals followed by detailed accounts of species and groups that systematically describe form, distribution, behavior, status, conservation, and more. There are superb full-color photos and illustrations on virtually every page that show the animals in their natural settings and highlight their typical behaviors. And throughout the book, numerous "Factfile" panels with color distribution maps and scale drawings provide at-a-glance overviews of key data. The Princeton Encyclopedia of Mammals is the definitive one-volume resource--a must-have reference book for naturalists and a delight for general readers.

Mammals of North America: Fourth Edition (Peterson Field Guides)
Mammals of
North America

Fiona Reid

Mammals of North America: Fourth Edition (Peterson Field Guides), by Fiona Reid. 608 pages. Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt; Fourth Edition edition (November 15, 2006)

A Field Guide to Mammals of North America: The most comprehensive, in-depth, and current guide to North American mammals, this book covers all the mammals found in North America north of Mexico, including those that live in near-shore waters. The only guide to include paintings and photographs of the animals as well as photographs of mammal skulls, it has 80 color plates, plus 46 additional color illustrations and black-and-white drawings, nearly 400 range maps, and more than 100 color photographs.