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Front Page > New State Symbols for 2010 (by state)

New State Symbols for 2010

State Symbol Designation Adopted News
Alaska Dog Alaskan malamute May 12, 2010 Read now
Delaware Fruit Strawberries May 13, 2010 Read now
Delaware Wildlife animal Grey Fox June 10, 2010 Read now
Kansas Grass Little bluestem April 6, 2010 Read now
Kentucky Agricultural insect Honeybee March 18, 2010 Read now
Kentucky Sam Bush
Bowling Green
Father of Newgrass Music
Birthplace of Newgrass Music
March 23, 2010 Read now
Kentucky Corvette Sports car April 26, 2010 Read now
New Hampshire Apple Cider Beverage July 08, 2010 Read now
North Carolina Colonial Spanish Mustang Horse June 07, 2010 Read now
Ohio Spotted salamander Amphibian June 18, 2010 Read now
Ohio Bullfrog Frog June 18, 2010 Read now
Oklahoma Wood Art Capitol of Oklahoma Oklahoma Forest Heritage Center February 17, 2010 Read now
South Carolina Marsh Tacky Heritage Horse June 11, 2010 Read now
South Carolina Mule Heritage Work Animal June 11, 2010 Read now
Tennessee Song "Smoky Mountain Rain" June 09, 2010 Read now
Virginia Emblem of Service and Sacrifice Honor and Remember Flag March 2, 2010 Read now


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