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All Official State Songs

This list contains all types of official songs (anthems, ballads, marches, etc.) that were adopted by states in order by year of adoption.

Official songs listed by adoption year. (List by state or year)
State Name Designated as YearList by adoption year
Iowa Song of Iowa State song 1911
South Carolina Carolina State song 1911
Indiana On the Banks of the Wabash, Far Away State song 1913
Colorado Where the Columbines Grow Official state song 1915
New Mexico O, Fair New Mexico State song 1917
Arizona Arizona State anthem 1919
Delaware Our Delaware Official state song 1925
Illinois Illinois Official state song 1925
Tennessee My Homeland, Tennessee Official song 1926
North Carolina The Old North State Official song 1927
Oregon Oregon, My Oregon State song 1927
Kentucky My Old Kentucky Home Official state song 1928
Texas Bluebonnets Flower song 1929
Alabama Alabama State song 1931
Idaho Here We Have Idaho State song 1931
Tennessee My Tennessee Official public school song 1931
Louisiana Song of Louisiana Official state march song 1932
Nevada Home Means Nevada Official state song 1933
Texas Texas, Our Texas State song 1933
Kansas The Kansas March Official state march 1935
Tennessee When It's Iris Time in Tennessee Official song 1935
Maine State of Maine Song Official song 1937
Michigan My Michigan An official song 1937
Utah Utah, We Love Thee State hymn 1937
Maryland Maryland, My Maryland State song 1939
South Dakota Hail, South Dakota Official state song 1943
Minnesota Hail! Minnesota State song 1945
Montana Montana Official state song 1945
Kansas Home on the Range State song 1947
North Dakota North Dakota Hymn Official song 1947
Missouri Missouri Waltz Official state song 1949
New Hampshire Old New Hampshire State song 1949
California I Love You, California An official state song 1951
Louisiana Louisiana My Home Sweet Home Official state march song 1952
Oklahoma Oklahoma! Official song and anthem 1953
Alaska Alaska's Flag Official song 1955
Wyoming Wyoming Official state song 1955
Washington Washington, My Home Official song 1959
Wisconsin On, Wisconsin State song 1959
Mississippi Go, Mississippi Official song 1962
New Hampshire New Hampshire, My New Hampshire State song 1963
West Virginia The West Virginia Hills Official state song 1963
West Virginia This is My West Virginia Official state song 1963
West Virginia West Virginia, My Home Sweet Home Official state song 1963
Tennessee Tennessee Waltz Official song 1965
Hawaii Hawai`i Pono`i Official song 1967
Nebraska Beautiful Nebraska State song 1967
Ohio Beautiful Ohio Official song 1969
Louisiana Give Me Louisiana Official state song 1970
Arkansas Arkansas Waltz Official state waltz 1971
New Mexico Asi Es Nuevo Mejico Spanish language state song 1971
New Hampshire New Hampshire Hills State song 1973
Louisiana You Are My Sunshine Official state song 1977
New Hampshire Autumn in New Hampshire State song 1977
New Hampshire New Hampshire's Granite State State song 1977
New Hampshire Oh, New Hampshire (You're My Home) State song 1977
New Hampshire The Old Man of the Mountain State song 1977
New Hampshire The New Hampshire State March State song 1977
Connecticut Yankee Doodle State song 1978
Georgia Georgia on My Mind Official song 1979
Massachusetts All Hail to Massachusetts Song 1981
Massachusetts Massachusetts Folk song 1981
Arizona Arizona Alternate state anthem 1982
Oklahoma Oklahoma Wind Official State Waltz 1982
Tennessee Rocky Top Official song 1982
Montana Montana Melody Official state ballad 1983
New Hampshire New Hampshire Naturally State song 1983
South Carolina South Carolina On My Mind An official state song 1984
Massachusetts The Road to Boston Official ceremonial march 1985
Ohio Hang on Sloopy Official rock song 1985
Arkansas Arkansas Official state anthem 1987
Arkansas The Arkansas Traveler Official historical song 1987
Arkansas Oh, Arkansas Official state song 1987
Arkansas Arkansas (You Run Deep in Me) Official state song 1987
Washington Roll On Columbia, Roll On Official state folk song 1987
Kentucky Blue Moon of Kentucky Bluegrass song 1988
Oklahoma Faded Love Official Oklahoma country and western song 1988
Massachusetts Massachusetts (Because of You Our Land is Free) Patriotic song 1989
New Mexico Land of Enchantment - New Mexico Official state ballad 1989
Louisiana The Gifts of Earth Official state environmental song 1990
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania State song 1990
Kansas Here's Kansas An official march 1992
Tennessee Tennessee Song of the 97th General Assembly 1992
New Mexico New Mexico - Mi Lindo Nuevo Mexico State bilingual song 1995
Oklahoma Oklahoma, My Native Land Official children's song 1996
Rhode Island Rhode Island's It For Me State song 1996
Tennessee The Pride of Tennessee Official song 1996
Tennessee A Tennessee Bicentennial Rap Bicentennial Rap song 1996
Tennessee My Home Will Always Be in Tennessee Bicentennial school song 1996
Tennessee Fly Eagle, Fly! U.S. bicentennial song 1996
Tennessee The Tennessee Salute U.S. bicentennial march song 1996
Massachusetts The Great State of Massachusetts Glee club song 1997
Nebraska A Place Like Nebraska State ballad 1997
Virginia Carry Me Back to Old Virginny
Carry Me Back to Old Virginia
State song
Official song emeritus
Massachusetts Say Hello to Someone From Massachusetts Official polka 1998
Vermont These Green Mountains State song 1999
Massachusetts Ode to Massachusetts Official ode 2000
South Carolina The Richardson Waltz Official state waltz 2000
Oklahoma Oklahoma Hills Official Oklahoma state folk song 2001
Wisconsin Oh Wisconsin, Land of My Dreams State ballad 2001
Wisconsin The Wisconsin Waltz State waltz 2001
Connecticut Nutmeg State cantata 2003
Utah Utah, This is the Place State song 2003
Louisiana Come Back to Louisiana Official state song for Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita recovery efforts 2006
Colorado Rocky Mountain High Official state song 2007
Montana Montana Official state lullaby 2007
New Hampshire Live Free or Die State song 2007
Florida The Swanee River (Old Folks at Home)
The Old Folks at Home (Revised lyrics)
Official song
Official state song
Florida Florida, Where the Sawgrass Meets the Road Official state anthem 2008
New Mexico Under New Mexico Skies Official state cowboy song 2009
Oklahoma Oklahoma Run Oklahoma state land run song 2009
Oklahoma Do You Realize?? Official Oklahoma state rock song 2009
Tennessee Smoky Mountain Rain Official song 2010
Oklahoma Swing Low, Sweet Chariot Official state gospel song 2011
Tennessee Tennessee State song 2011
Connecticut Beautiful Connecticut Waltz Second state song 2013
Connecticut Ballroom Polka State polka 2013
West Virginia Take Me Home, Country Roads Official state song 2014
Virginia Sweet Virginia Breeze Song (Popular) 2015
Virginia Our Great Virginia Song (Traditional) 2015
New Jersey [ None ]    
New York [ None ]    
State Songs of America

State Songs of America Edited by M. J. Bristow. 184 pages. Greenwood Press (February 28, 2000)

This book provides the music and lyrics for the official songs adopted by the state governments.

Arranged alphabetically by state, each song has a single vocal line over a piano accompaniment, with one verse only under the vocal line and remaining verses appearing separately.

State Songs: Anthems & Their Origins

State Songs: Anthems & Their Origins by John Hladczuk and Sharon Schneider Hladczuk. 240 pages. Scarecrow Press (September 26, 2000)

Histories of these songs, biographical information about the composers and lyricists, and background on each song's entrance into status as official make this source the most comprehensive in existence.

The entries include sheet music, allowing readers to reproduce for themselves the tunes that have proved so important in the history of the Union.