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Connecticut Almanac

The Connecticut Almanac presents a general overview of the State of Connecticut.

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The United States Census Bureau, http://www.census.gov/, April 24, 2012 .
Connecticut. Ci-Cz. Chicago: World Book, Inc., 1988. 952. Print.
Carpenter, Alan, and Carl Provorse. The World Almanac of the U.S.A.. Mahwah: World Almanac Books, 1996. Print.

Admitted to Union January 9, 1788
Capital Hartford, [ Find out more... ]
Nicknames The Constitution State, The Nutmeg State, The Blue Law State, [ Find out more... ]
Motto Qui Transtulit Sustinet, [ Find out more... ]
Total area including land and water 5,544 square miles Rank among states 48th
Land area 4,845 square miles Rank among states 48th
Water area 698 square miles Rank among states 37th
Greatest distance East to West 100 miles
Greatest distance North to South 73 miles
Highest point 2,380 (Mount Frissell) Rank among states 36th
Lowest point Sea level (Long Island Sound) Rank among states 3rd
Mean elevation 500 feet Rank among states 41st
Highest recorded temperature 106 degrees on July 15, 1995 at Danbury
Lowest recorded temperature -32 degrees on Feb. 16, 1943 at Falls Village
Highest monthly average temperature 84.8 degrees Rank among states 39th
Lowest monthly average temperature 16.7 degrees Rank among states 22nd
Average yearly precipitation (rain & snow) 47 inches Rank among states  
(U.S. Census, April, 2000)
3,405,565 Rank among states 29th
Population per square mile
(Population/Land area)
702.90 Rank among states 4th
Ten Largest Cities by Population
State Capital in red
(U.S. Census, April, 2000)

1. Bridgeport 139,529 6. Norwalk 82,951
2. New Haven 123,626 7. Danbury 74,848
3. Hartford 121,578 8. New Britain 71,538
4. Stamford 117,083 9. West Hartford 63,589
5. Waterbury 107,271 10. Greenwich 61,101
Median age 34.4
Average lifetime (1979-1981) 75.12 Rank among states 11th
Total crimes reported per 100,000 people (1992-1993) 4,650.4 Rank among states 32nd
Violent crimes reported per 100,000 people 456.2 Rank among states 32nd
Property crimes reported per 100,000 people 4,194.2 Rank among states 28th
Per capita income (2000)
Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Department of Commerce
$40,702 Rank among states 1st
Disposable per capita personal income (income minus taxes) (2000)
Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Department of Commerce
$32,655 Rank among states 1st
Median household income (1993) $39,516 Rank among states 5th

Additional Information

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