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Apr 11 2014 16:54 PM * Post #956
Location : 33147

i love using this program Cool
Mar 22 2014 18:32 PM * Post #953
Location : nevada

i love it it for state report on oklahoma and this site helps me do every thing love lolololo Wink Embarassed Laughing Cool Confused Sad Smile Very Happy Smile Sad Confused Cool Laughing
Mar 18 2014 15:31 PM * Post #952
Location : America, Californina, Riverdale

I love this website it helps me find facts for my state project. Very Happy
P. Holden
Mar 14 2014 3:41 AM * Post #951
Location : Elkridge, MD, USA

This is an excellent website! I have found a great deal of information re my place of birth and the 2 states I have lived in since. Smile
Mar 09 2014 10:27 AM * Post #950
Location : Illinois

This is always the first website I have my class of fourth graders use to research a state! It has the most information in one place. If you could add wildlife and plant life, and a places to visit section it would be perfect!
Very Happy
Feb 07 2014 22:37 PM * Post #948
Location : Andover,Minnesota

I'm doing a report on Tennessee and it is due in 20 days and this website is AMAZINGLY helpful!
Feb 04 2014 19:03 PM * Post #947
Location : U.S.A. CA

California is one of my favorite states because I live there and there are many places you may enjoy! I say go to CALIFORNIA!
Jan 28 2014 22:34 PM * Post #945
Location : USA, CA, Vacaville

Very helpful!!! I'm really happy to have found your site. Very Happy
Jan 06 2014 13:17 PM * Post #944
Location : marietta

Very Happy
Jan 06 2014 13:16 PM * Post #943
Location : marietta

Brad & Brandy Acaley
Jan 06 2014 12:44 PM * Post #942
Location : Colorado Springs, Colorado

Our family is wanting to move to Asheville, NC from Colorado Springs, CO. Just dropped in to get more information about the state, hope to be there soon!
John Frusciante
Dec 24 2013 15:27 PM * Post #940
Location : Los Angeles, CA

Hello! My name is John Frusciante. I used to be a very famous musician, but now I am a teacher in Los Angeles. NETSTATE has really helped me teach my students not only about America, but about reliable websites! Thank you
Dec 24 2013 15:11 PM * Post #939
Location : Albuquerque, New Mexico

This website is amazing! Very Happy My 3rd grade teachers showed me your site....I\'m half way done with 7th grade now and I still use it! It\'s probably the only educational website I go on after school hours Very Happy Thank you...A+!!!
Dec 18 2013 12:05 PM * Post #938
Location : texas

i love this site mt teacher just showed it and it is amazing because i am getting A's on social studies
Nov 18 2013 19:44 PM * Post #935
Location : California USA

Confused Kinda forgot to mention I'm doing a report on Tennessee...... Embarassed
Nov 18 2013 19:42 PM * Post #934
Location : California USA

Cool Great site, 5th grade state report due tomorrow, just starting, home sick, etc.... Great site and probably a A+

jake west
Nov 18 2013 14:01 PM * Post #933
Location : Orlando, Florida

Laughing Very Happy LOVE THIS SITE SO MUCH Very Happy
Nov 14 2013 14:02 PM * Post #932
Location : Bentonville, Arkansas

Very Happy Smile Sad Confused Laughing Great Site!
Sadie Sue
Nov 10 2013 23:47 PM * Post #931
Location : USA, KANSAS

Very Happy This website is great for information needed for teaching about different states. Thanks a lot!
Nov 07 2013 19:08 PM * Post #930
Location : usa New Hampshire Laconia

thankyou for all the info!
Bonita Aphreal
Oct 31 2013 13:40 PM * Post #928
Location : U.S.A

I've been having trouble with a school project and I found the site really helpful. Thanks!
Rachel Krul
Oct 29 2013 20:39 PM * Post #927
Location : USA

Smile thank you for the pictures of the flags! The original flag of Rhode Island is going to be my cover page!
Oct 29 2013 10:14 AM * Post #926
Location : new mexico

Laughing thanks for making this helpful website
Oct 25 2013 11:51 AM * Post #925
Location : United states

love netstate! Laughing Very Happy
Camila Robbins
Oct 24 2013 7:42 AM * Post #924
Location : Dubai

Very nice site! Immensely interesting.
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