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D and M
Mar 18 2015 22:32 PM * Post #1000
Location : Rockland County, NY

Great factual site, and now I know why there are so many toll booths in NJ
Kevin Li
Mar 17 2015 18:44 PM * Post #999
Location : USA, Hawaii, Hilo

Nation Geographic Bee contestant.
Luiz Carlos Parreira
Mar 12 2015 16:34 PM * Post #996
Location : Brasil, Rio de Janeiro

Hi my friends!
I am brazilian and like to study about U.S.A since war civil around 1860 when Abraham Lincoln was the president. General Custer from 7a cavalary.
And right now i am looking for Colorado and California Flags.
Good luck for everybody!
red oak
Mar 02 2015 17:18 PM * Post #995
Location : usa california oak park

Cool Confused Cool Cool Embarassed Embarassed Cool Idea Laughing Very Happy Smile Sad Cool Cool this is awesome
Feb 27 2015 20:09 PM * Post #994
Location : Carterville, Illinois

I am in third grade and I'm doing a report on Kentucky. You have a neat state. We go to Paducah sometimes. My dad said your website is much better than the one in Illinois.
Feb 20 2015 12:01 PM * Post #993
Location : maine

hi i'm a person who loves these web site Very Happy and the quiz i got 100% on it lol
Mel Anderson
Feb 17 2015 22:26 PM * Post #992
Location : Boise, Idaho

Why does Idaho not have a state dog? I nominate the Beagle!
Amjid Majid
Feb 09 2015 14:35 PM * Post #991
Location : INDIA

I found it very informational. I usually use this for my office work. You guys did a fantastic job. Very Happy
Betty F
Feb 06 2015 19:51 PM * Post #990
Location : Nanaimo BC Canada

It is interesting to read some of your history and find out more about you beautiful state. I belong to the Order of the Eastern Star and one of our members in Grand Representative to your State, and we are doing a tribute to him and your state, thank you. Very Happy
Feb 05 2015 12:20 PM * Post #989
Location : Iowa

I LOVE this site!!! I got the only A plus in the grade! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Smile Smile Smile Laughing Laughing Laughing Wink Wink Wink
Sherry Francis
Jan 26 2015 14:48 PM * Post #988
Location : USA Pennsylvania, Williamsport

Found this site through Pinterest. As a homeschool mom, it's a great help in teaching about our state. Thanks!
Jan 23 2015 14:27 PM * Post #987
Location : USA, MA, Palmer

titties are wonderful i mean its just great. i dont know what im writing it just says i need a longer message. soooo
Jan 20 2015 18:07 PM * Post #986
Location : Columbus,Wisconsin,USA

Hi I love this site its good I got a A+ and my test because of this site its so helpful. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this site.
Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool
:3 :3 :3 :3
Jan 15 2015 12:48 PM * Post #985
Location : california

Dec 03 2014 16:57 PM * Post #982
Location : Idaho

Very Happy Very Happy Smile Embarassed Wink Embarassed Embarassed
Nov 20 2014 8:02 AM * Post #980
Location : Michigan

Cool Im dping a test on it
Nov 19 2014 21:35 PM * Post #979
Location : Unknown

Oklahoma is awesome I used to live there
Nov 19 2014 21:32 PM * Post #978
Location : Unknown

Hi everyone this is a cool website
Nov 10 2014 15:41 PM * Post #977
Location : Atl

WOW WOW ,WOW great website
madreen yallup
Oct 16 2014 12:14 PM * Post #976
Location : delaware

hi my name is maadreen yallup and it is fake and i want to know about your state and i want to find out the state capitale and the nickname the state flower and the state bordering state and i am going to have a prsentasson can you help me on it plese Cool Cool Laughing Embarassed Crying or Very sad Wink Idea Very Happy Smile Sad Confused Cool Laughing bye bye see you and can you text me plese and i am going to go to your state and i realy need your state name and all that bye bye and do you want to get punch no yes
Oct 01 2014 15:48 PM * Post #974
Location : unknown

WOW this is an out standing website and I think every one should use it Very Happy
May 15 2014 22:18 PM * Post #969
Location : USA, Marion, IL

Hello to evry1 out there! I've been living in 6 states, and have had a wonderful life in the 45 1/2 years of my life. I can hope toward the END of this year, we'll have had ANOTHER wonderful year.
Bobby JO
May 15 2014 15:05 PM * Post #968
Location : Texas

Well I reckon yall are using this site right now aint ya?! well doggone!this site is fancy! I use this site all the time! (when I aint going huntn!) I was readn bout the state of Oklahoma! yalls better on mosey yourselves down there for a good time!yeeeeehaaaaaaaw! Bobby JO from The Great State o\' Texas
May 15 2014 14:55 PM * Post #967
Location : Georgia

May 15 2014 14:46 PM * Post #966
Location : Garrison Texas

as all the 5th graders at Garrison ISD know, we have to do a report on a specific state, and I got North Carolina. Wink my teacher recommended this site for information, and it helped me, and the whole 5th grade out a lot!!! Laughing Laughing Laughing Cool thanks again,! Laughing Cool Smile Very Happy Very Happy
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