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Official State Heritage Designations (mammals)

Official heritage designations (mammals) listed by state. (List by state or year).
StateList by state Name Designated as Year
Alabama [ None ]    
Alaska [ None ]    
Arizona [ None ]    
Arkansas [ None ]    
California [ None ]    
Colorado [ None ]    
Connecticut [ None ]    
Delaware [ None ]    
Florida [ None ]    
Georgia [ None ]    
Hawaii [ None ]    
Idaho [ None ]    
Illinois [ None ]    
Indiana [ None ]    
Iowa [ None ]    
Kansas [ None ]    
Kentucky [ None ]    
Louisiana [ None ]    
Maine [ None ]    
Maryland [ None ]    
Massachusetts [ None ]    
Michigan [ None ]    
Minnesota [ None ]    
Mississippi [ None ]    
Missouri [ None ]    
Montana [ None ]    
Nebraska [ None ]    
Nevada [ None ]    
New Hampshire [ None ]    
New Jersey [ None ]    
New Mexico [ None ]    
New York [ None ]    
North Carolina [ None ]    
Ohio [ None ]    
Oklahoma [ None ]    
Oregon [ None ]    
Pennsylvania [ None ]    
Rhode Island [ None ]    
South Carolina Marsh tacky Official State Heritage Horse of South Carolina 2010
South Carolina Mule Official State Heritage Work Animal of South Carolina 2010
South Dakota [ None ]    
Tennessee [ None ]    
Texas [ None ]    
Utah [ None ]    
Vermont Randall lineback Official state heritage breed of livestock 2005
Virginia [ None ]    
Washington [ None ]    
West Virginia [ None ]    
Wisconsin [ None ]    
Wisconsin [ None ]    
Wyoming [ None ]    
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