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Florida Official State Wildflower

Tickseed Coreopsis spp. L. Adopted:1991
Florida State Wildflower: Coreopsis
Roadside Coreopsis

Adoption of the Florida Official State Wildflower

A story regarding the origination of Florida's highway beautification program goes back to 1963 with the purchase of sod.

It's said that a contractor purchased sod from a farmer to use in a highway project near Tallahassee. It seems that the sod was harvested from a pasture that had been over seeded with crimson clover in previous years. The clover was planted as winter forage for cattle.

In the spring of 1963, the sod produced a heavy crop of beautiful red clover blossoms along the roadside. Noticed by passing motorists the Florida Department of Transportation (DOT) was inundated with complementary phone calls.

Florida State Wildflower: Coreopsis
Florida State Wildflower: Coreopsis
Courtesy: Fla. Department of State

The phone calls sent a message and the Florida DOT embarked on efforts to beautify Florida's highways with natural wildflowers. Some research was done to determine the most appropriate procedures and candidates to use along the states highways but it was kind of hit or miss until the DOT teamed up with the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. With the support of the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, the Department of Transportation funded a research project with Florida Atlantic University. This research project produced recommendations for the most promising wildflowers to use in the DOT's wildflower program.

Varieties of Coreopsis, of which about a dozen are native to Florida, were among the flowers recommended for the wildflower program. Colors range from yellow to pink.

Inspired in part by Florida's highway beautification program where Coreopsis was widely used for roadside plantings, the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs set about promoting adoption of an official state wildflower.

In 1991, the Coreopsis, some varieties referred to as tickseed, was adopted as Florida's official state wildflower. Nothing conveys the image of the Sunshine State better than a golden spray of Coreopsis spread across the landscape.

The Florida Statutes

The following information is excerpted from the Florida Statutes, Title 4, Chapter 15, Section 15.0345 .

Additional Information

Florida State Wildflower: Coreopsis
Florida State Wildflower: Coreopsis

Coreopsis: A Guide To Identifying and Enjoying Florida's State Wildflower: University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences.

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