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Florida State Songs

Florida state songs   Adopted: 1913, 1935, 2008
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1913 - Florida's first state song: sunkissed land and phosphate mines

Florida's first official state song, "Florida, My Florida," was adopted in 1913. It was superceded by "S'wanee River (Old Folks at Home)" in 1935.

1935 - Florida's second state song: longing for de old plantation

Though not necessarily seen in this light at the time, the words to "S'wanee River (Old Folks at Home)" implied racism and subjugation of the African-American population of the United States. Over time, increasing numbers of people found the song lyric offensive and unsuitable. It was superceded in 2008 by a version with revised title and words.

2008 - A pinch of bitterness and a land of flowers, mockingbirds, gators, where the sawgrass meets the sky

In 2008, "Old Folks at Home," was adopted as Florida's official state song replacing "The S'wanee River (Old Folks at Home)". In fact, "Old Folks at Home" is simply a lyrically revised version of 1935's "The S'wanee River (Old Folks at Home)."

Also in 2008, "Florida (Where the Sawgrass Meets the Sky)," winning entry in a state song contest, was adopted as Florida's official state anthem.

At this time, , Florida has one official state song and one official state anthem.

Official Florida songs and their titles 1913-
  1913 1935 2008
"Florida, My Florida" State song    
"The S'wanee River (Old Folks at home)"   State song  
"Old Folks at Home" (Revised lyrics)     State song
"Florida (Where the Sawgrass Meets the Sky)"     State anthem

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