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New State Symbols for 2006

State Symbol Designation Adopted News
South Carolina Lowcountry handcraft Sweet grass basket February 21, 2006 Read now
Massachusetts Blues Artist Henry St. Clair Fredericks (Taj Mahal) March 8, 2006 Read now
Vermont Heritage breed of livestock Randall lineback March 9, 2006 Read now
West Virginia Year-round professional theatre Greenbrier Valley Theatre March 11, 2006 Read now
Virginia Fish (restored) Brook Trout March 23, 2006 Read now
Alabama Mammal Black bear April 12, 2006 Read now
Kentucky Dance Clogging April 17, 2006 Read now
Alabama Tree fruit Peach April 18, 2006 Read now
Georgia Cold water game fish Southern Appalachian brook trout May 1, 2006 Read now
Georgia Salt-water fish Red drum May 1, 2006 Read now
South Carolina Snack food Boiled peanuts May 1, 2006 Read now
Hawai`i Fish Humuhumunukunukuapua`a May 2, 2006 Read now
Georgia First mural city City of Colquitt May 5, 2006 Read now
New Hampshire Fruit Pumpkin May 6, 2006 Read now
Minnesota Honeycrisp apple Official fruit May 24, 2006 Read now
Oklahoma Game bird Wild turkey May 26, 2006 Read now
Oklahoma Dinosaur Acrocanthosaurus atokensis May 26, 2006 Read now
Louisiana State flag Revise description May 25, 2006 Read now
Louisiana Song for Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita recovery efforts "Come Back To Louisiana" June 2, 2006 Read now
Ohio Prehistoric monument Newark earthworks June 7, 2006 Read now
Florida Pie Key lime pie June 20, 2006 Read now
Florida Motto In God We Trust June 22, 2006 Read now
Florida Maritime museum Admiral Jack Fetterman State of Florida Maritime Museum and Research Center, Pensacola June 22, 2006 Read now
Louisiana Cultural poem "I Am Louisiana" July 5, 2006 Read now
Massachusetts Official sport Basketball August 8, 2006 Read now
New York Bush Lilac bush August 18, 2006 Read now
New York Reptile Snapping turtle August 18, 2006 Read now
New York Marine or salt-water fish Striped bass August 18, 2006 Read now
Massachusetts Official inventor Benjamin Franklin November 16, 2006 Read now


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