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Georgia Economy

The United States has become a service economy and many states, Georgia included, generate most of their revenue through service industries.


In terms of revenue generated, Georgia's top five agricultural products are broilers (young chickens), cotton, cattle and calves, chicken eggs, and peanuts.


Georgia is one of the leading egg and broiler (5-12 week-old chicken) producing states.

Beef cattle, hogs and milk are also important.


Georgia leads the country in the production of peanuts and pecans.

Cotton ranks second among Georgia's crops, followed by tobacco, soybeans and corn.

Other crops include hay, oats, sorghum grain and wheat.

Sweet potatoes are Georgia's most important vegetable.

Georgia is a leading producer of peaches. Other fruits are apples and watermelons.

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Manufacturers add value to raw products by creating manufactured items. For example, cotton cloth becomes more valuable than a boll of cotton through manufacturing processes.

Processed foods and beverages (baked goods, beer, packaged chicken, and peanut butter) lead in the manufacturing sector followed by textiles (carpeting, cotton and synthetic fabrics, tire cord, yarn).

Ranking third is transportation equipment (automobile assembly, aircraft parts, military aircraft, missiles).


Georgia ranks first in the production of clay and kaolin and is a leading producer of fuller's earth.

Georgia is among the leading producers of crushed stone and building stone.

Granite is its most important quarried stone. Limestone and marble are also quarried in Georgia.

Other important products include sand and gravel. Barite, bauxite, feldspar, kyanite, mica, and talc are also mined.


Fishing in Georgia is a relatively minor portion of the state's economy.

Shrimp are Georgia's most valuable catch. Crabs rank second. Oysters and clams are also caught.


Service industries are the largest sector of Georgia's economy led by wholesale (food, petroleum products, transportation equipment) and retail (automobile dealerships, discount stores, grocery stores, restaurants) trade activities.

Community, business and personal services (doctors' offices, private hospitals, hotels, law firms, computer programming and data processing companies, repair shops) rank second in the services sector, followed by finance, insurance and real estate (home and office developments, banking, insurance).


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