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Illinois State FlagIllinois Symbols in the News

Source Title Date Sign-in Read
Suburban Life La Grange Highlands Middle School students hoping to create new state symbol 02/16/15 No Read now
The Western Courier Opinions: Illinois state flag falls flat 02/02/15 No Read now
WUIS 91.9 FM, Springfield Pumpkin Pie Could Be Official State Pie 01/27/15 No Read now
Peoria Public Radio Pumpkin pie could become the official state pie 01/27/15 No Read now
The Times Crossing the Line -- State pies 01/25/15 No Read now
Delhi Daily News Illinois urges residents to help save Monarch butterfly 04/17/14 No Read now
Northwest Herald Peterson: Illinois" $25 flag could use an update 02/20/14 No Read now
Wired Could These Redesigned State Flags Bring America Together? 10/22/13 No Read now
Mt. Vernon Register-News Gold Rush Days Festival draws crowd 10/08/12 No Read now
Mt. Vernon Register-News Gold Rush Days Festival to be held 10/03/12 No Read now
Chicago Scots Tartan Bill Passes 05/18/12 No Read now
WUIS News Official Illinois Tartan Awaits Approval by GA 03/20/12 No Read now
ESPN Outdoors Illinois voters choose state amphibian, reptile 01/03/05 No Read now
Illinois Government People's Choice for Official Amphibian and Reptile 01/01/2005 No Read now
Illinois Government And the Winner Is... 2005 No Read now
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