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State Nicknames

Nicknames listed in bold, red type have been officially adopted by a state

Nicknames, some official, listed by state.
StateList by state You can call me Or you can call me Or you can call me
Alabama The Heart of Dixie The Yellowhammer State The Cotton Plantation State
The Cotton State
The Lizard State
The Pioneer Space Capital of the World
Alaska The Last Frontier The Land of the Midnight Sun Seward's Folly
Seward's Ice Box
Arizona The Grand Canyon State The Copper State The Apache State
The Aztec State
The Baby State
The Valentine State
Italy of America
The Sand Hill State
The Sunset State
Arkansas The Natural State The Land of Opportunity The Razorback State
The Wonder State
The Hot Springs State
The Bowie State
The Toothpick State
The Bear State
California The Golden State The Land of Milk and Honey The El Dorado State
The Grape State
Colorado The Centennial State The Silver State The Lead State
The Buffalo Plains State
Switzerland of America
The Highest State
Connecticut The Constitution State The Nutmeg State The Blue Law State
The Brownstone State
The Freestone State
The Provisions State
Land of Steady Habits
Delaware The First State The Diamond State The Blue Hen State
The Peach State
New Sweden
Uncle Sam's Pocket Handkerchief
Corporate Capital
Small Wonder
Florida The Sunshine State The Alligator State The Everglades State
The Orange State
The Flower State
The Peninsula State
The Gulf State
Georgia Empire State of the South The Peach State The Goober State
The Cracker State
The Buzzard State
Yankee-land of the South
Hawaii The Aloha State Note The Pineapple State Paradise of the Pacific
The Youngest State
Idaho The Gem State Gem of the Mountains Little Ida
Illinois The Prairie State Land of Lincoln The Corn State
Garden of the West
The Sucker State
Indiana Crossroads of America The Hoosier State Playground of the Middle West
Iowa The Hawkeye State question mark question mark
Kansas The Sunflower State The Jayhawk State The Squatter State
The Cyclone State
Bleeding Kansas
Kentucky The Bluegrass State The Hemp State The Tobacco State
Louisiana The Pelican State The Bayou State The Sugar State
The Child of the Mississippi
Fisherman's Paradise
Maine The Pine Tree State The Lumber State The Border State
The Old Dirigo State
Maryland The Old Line State The Free State question mark
Massachusetts The Bay State The Old Colony State The Pilgrim State
The Puritan State
The Baked Bean State
Michigan The Wolverine State The Great Lakes State Lady of the Lake
The Water Wonderland
The Auto State
Minnesota The North Star State The Gopher State The Bread and Butter State
Land of 10,000 Lakes
Mississippi The Magnolia State The Eagle State The Border-Eagle State
The Bayou State
The Mud-cat State
Missouri The Show Me State The Bullion State The Cave State
The Lead State
The Ozark State
Montana The Treasure State Big Sky Country The Stub Toe State
The Bonanza State
Nebraska The Cornhusker State The Tree Planters State The Antelope State
The Bug-eating State
Nevada The Silver State The Sagebrush State The Battle Born State
New Hampshire The Granite State The White Mountain State Switzerland of America
The Mother of Rivers
New Jersey The Garden State The Clam State The Camden & Amboy State
The Jersey Blue State
New Mexico Land of Enchantment The Cactus State The Spanish State
New York The Empire State The Excelsior State The Knickerbocker State
North Carolina The Tar Heel State The Old North State The Turpentine State
North Dakota The Peace Garden State The Sioux State The Flickertail State
Land of the Dakotas
The Roughrider State
Ohio The Buckeye State Mother of Modern Presidents question mark
Oklahoma The Sooner State Boomer's Paradise question mark
Oregon The Beaver State The Web-foot State The Hard-case State
Pennsylvania The Keystone State The Quaker State question mark
Rhode Island The Ocean State Little Rhody The Plantation State
The Smallest State
Land of Roger Williams
South Carolina The Palmetto State The Rice State The Swamp State
Keystone of the South Atlantic Seaboard
The Iodine State
South Dakota The Mount Rushmore State The Sunshine State The Coyote State
The Blizzard State
The Artesian State
Tennessee Volunteer State The Big Bend State Mother of Southwestern Statesmen
The Hog and Hominy State
Texas The Lone Star State The Beef State The Banner State
Utah The Beehive State The Mormon State Land of the Saints
The Salt Lake State
Vermont The Green Mountain State question mark question mark
Virginia Old Dominion Mother of Presidents Cavalier State
Mother of States
Mother of Statesmen
Washington The Evergreen State The Chinook State question mark
West Virginia The Mountain State Switzerland of America The Panhandle State
Wisconsin The Badger State The Copper State question mark
Wyoming The Equality State Big Wyoming The Cowboy State

NOTE: Some may consider "The Aloha State" Hawaii's official nickname. It is true that this nickname was given official status, but not as a nickname. The legislation declares "The Aloha State" Hawaii's official popular name, not a nickname.

Nicknames and Sobriquets of U.S. Cities, States, and Counties

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Did you know 27 state names come from Native American words, or at least what the European settlers thought they heard? Can you figure out which states are named the Mosquito State, the Mud-waddler State, or the Stub-toe State?

Of course, if you've checked NETSTATE thoroughly, perhaps you don't need this book.