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Louisiana State Fruit

Louisiana Strawberry Fragaria spp. Adopted: May 17, 2001
Louisiana state fruit
Louisiana State Fruit: Louisiana Strawberry
Photograph: ARS Photo (by Brian Prechtel)

Adoption of the Louisiana State Fruit

The strawberry was adopted as the official state fruit of Louisiana twice!

Act No. 432 of 1980 declared that:

"There shall be an official state fruit. The official state fruit shall be the peach in 1980, the watermelon in 1981, the fig in 1982, the strawberry in 1983, the peach in 1984, the orange in 1985, the tomato in 1986, and the cantaloupe in 1987."

The strawberry served one term, one year, as official state fruit in 1983.

Louisiana was technically without an official state fruit beginning in 1988.

This was all remedied in 2001 when Governor Mike Foster signed legislation declaring the "Louisiana strawberry" the one and only official state fruit on May 21, 2001


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Louisiana state fruit
Louisiana State Fruit: Louisiana Strawberry
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