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California State Fish and Piscifaunal Emblem

California golden trout Salmo aqua bonita Adopted: April 11, 1947
California State Fish and Piscifaunal Emblem
California State Fish and Piscifaunal Emblem
Credit: California State Archives

Adoption of the California State Fish and Piscifaunal Emblem

What is the offiical piscifaunal emblem of the State of California?

It's the state fish!

Assembly Concurrent Resolution No. 52, designating the official state fish and pisifaunal emblem, was introduced on March 20, 1947 by Assembly member Thomas M. Erwin.

Assembly Concurrent Resolution No. 52


[Filed with Secretary of State April 14, 1947]

WHEREAS, California is justly famous throughout the world for her multiple and varied industries and as a wonderland of natural resources both rich and beautiful; and

WHEREAS, Many flora and fauna of California are distinctive that they are generally recognized as native to this State and associated with the name of California; and

WHEREAS, From time to time the people of this State have expressed their pride in these distinctive creatures by designating them official symbols of the State of California, as for instance, in 1903 the golden poppy was designated the official state flower, in 1931 the valley quail the official state bird, and in 1937 the redwood the official state tree; and

WHEREAS, The golden trout of California is widely known as a distinctive and unusual native of this State; now therefore, be it

Resolved by the Assembly of the State of California, the Senate thereof concurring, That the California golden trout (Salmo aqua bonita) is hereby designated the official state fish and piscifaunal emblem of this State.

The California golden trout is a State Species of Special Concern (Source: Fish Species of Special Concern in California, CA DFG, Second Edition, June 1995.) and a Forest Service classified Sensitive Species. The golden is the most likely California-native species to be federally listed as endangered, due to habitat degradation, primarily by livestock, and planting of non-native trout species. The Little Kern golden trout (Oncorhynchus aguabonita whitei) was listed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) as threatened in 1978. Efforts are under way to get the USFWS to protect the California golden trout.

The California golden trout is in danger of extinction caused by hybridization and by the destruction and adverse modification of its habitat. In addition, the regulatory mechanisms of the federal and state agencies responsible for managing California golden trout habitat and preventing further loss of its genetic integrity are not been sufficient to prevent extinction. In October 2000, Trout Unlimited filed a petition to the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) to list the golden trout as an endangered species.

--Trout Unlimited

Today, the California golden trout is classified as Oncorhynchus mykiss aguabonita.

Now, can you name the official avifaunal emblem of California?


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