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Official dog of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Great dane Canis familiaris Adopted: August 17, 1967


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Pennsylvania state dog
Great dane: Official dog of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
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Additional Information

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Amazing Gracie: A Dog's Tale
Amazing Gracie

Amazing Gracie: A Dog's Tale, by Dan Dye and Mark Beckloff. 248 pages. Publisher: Workman Publishing Company; Later Printing edition (February 2003) Gracie was a deaf and partially blind albino Great Dane with a delicate constitution and a penchant for small miracles. Dan is the man-sad over the loss of his last dog and trapped in a dead-end job-who adopted her. Three Dog Bakery is the burgeoning and much-publicized chain of canine bakeries that, inspired by Gracie, Dan and his friend Mark founded. A love story, AMAZING GRACIE describes how Dan saves Gracie, the loneliest pup in the litter, then how, over the next ten years, Gracie saves Dan and Mark, teaching them the real meaning of happiness.

Great Dane: Model of Nobility
The Great Dane
Model of Nobility

Jill Swedlow

The Great Dane: Model of Nobility, by Jill Swedlow. 240 pages. Publisher: Howell Book House; illustrated edition edition (February 19, 1999) This all-new book about the popular canine giant is the first in-depth work on the breed for Howell Book House since 1981. It is intended as a complete reference on the breed for every Dane owner from the reader with a first puppy to the serious breeder with a kennel full of champions. Completely authoritative, it also sparkles with the author's good humor and her obvious love of the bree-a must for the Dane fancier's library.

A New Owner's Guide to Great Danes
A New Owner's
Guide to Great Danes

Jill Swedlow

A New Owner's Guide to Great Danes, by Jill Swedlow. 160 pages. Publisher: TFH Publications (October 1997) Presents the expert advice of Great Dane breeder Jill Swedlow on topics that every responsible dog owner needs to know. It contains firsthand information on the history, characteristics and descriptions of the breed, selecting and training a puppy, daily care of the breed, as well as health and dental care.

Before & After Getting Your Puppy
Before & After
Getting Your Puppy

Dr. Ian Dunbar

Before & After Getting Your Puppy, by Dr. Ian Dunbar. 224 pages. New World Library (April 29, 2004) In this compassionate and honest volume, the veterinarian shares his definitive opinions about the way dogs should be trained. Before & After Getting Your Puppy is a simple, practical guide for anyone bringing a new puppy into the family. In clear steps, with helpful photos and easy-to-follow training deadlines, Dr. Ian Dunbar, who pioneered puppy classes and a loving style of dog training in the 1970s, presents a structured yet playful and humorous plan for raising a wonderful dog. The guide is based on six developmental deadlines.

The Culture Clash
The Culture Clash
Jean Donaldson

The Culture Clash, by Jean Donaldson. 224 pages. Publisher: James & Kenneth Publishers (January 19, 1996) The Culture Clash is special. It is utterly unique, fascinating to the extreme, and literally overflowing with information that virtually redefines the state of the art in dog behavior and training. Written in Jean's inimitably informal yet incisive lecture style, the book races along on par with a good thriller.

The Culture Clash depicts dogs as they really are -- stripped of their Hollywood fluff, with their loveable "can I eat it, chew it, urinate on it, what's in it for me" philosophy. Jean's tremendous affection for dogs shines through at all times, as does her keen insight into the dog's mind. Relentlessly she champions the dog's point of view, always showing concern for their education and well-being.