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Nebraska Economy


Nebraska is one of the leading states in terms of agricultural output. It ranks #4 in total agricultural receipts. Only California, Texas, and Iowa outproduce Nebraska farmers.

In terms of revenue generated Nebraska's top five agricultural products are cattle and calves, corn for grain, Soybeans, Hogs, and wheat.


Nebraska ranks #3 among the states in total livestock receipts.

Livestock products account for about 2/3 of Nebraska's farm income and beef cattle are the most important source, followed by hogs.

Dairy products and chicken eggs are also important contributors to livestock product revenue.

Nebraska farmers also raise sheep and lambs, broilers (young chickens), farm chickens, and turkeys.


Corn is Nebraska's most important crop, with much of it going to feed cattle and hogs.

Other leading crops are soybeans, wheat, hay, and grain sorghum.

Other crops raised in Nebraska include beans, sugar beets and potatoes.

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Manufacturers add value to raw products by creating manufactured items. For example, cotton cloth becomes more valuable than a boll of cotton through manufacturing processes.

Food processing (meat products, breakfast cereal, livestock feed, baked goods, dairy product, soft drinks)is the leading manufacturing activity in Nebraska by a wide margin. The state is one of the world's major meatpacking centers.

The production of chemicals (pharmaceuticals, pesticides, fertilizer) ranks as Nebraska's second most important manufacturing enterprise.

Machinery (farm equipment, telecommunications equipment, scientific, medical and surgical instruments) ranks third.


Petroleum, sand and gravel, and clays for bricks, tiles and pottery.

Limestone is mined for construction, making cement and soil treatment.


Private health care, data processing companies, engineering companies, law firms and repair shops are the leading income producers in the services industries.

Ranking second are the wholesale (farm products, farm supplies, food products) and retail (automobile dealerships, grocery stores) trade sector and the insurance, finance and real estate sector. Omaha is a Nebraska financial center.

Ranking third are the government services (electrical utilities, public schools, public hospitals, military bases, Indian reservations) and transportation, communication and utilities sectors. Nebraska is the only state where publicly owned utilities provide 100% of the electrical power.

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