Congressional Record for August 9, 1986
pp. 20406-7




Mr BYRD. Mr. President I send a resolution to the desk on behalf of myself, Mr. Sasser and Mr. Gore and ask for immediate consideration.


The PRESIDING OFFICER. The resolution will be stated.


The assistant legislative clerk read as follows:


Senate. RES. 463


  Whereas  September 13, 1986 is the seventy-five birthday of the father of bluegrass music, William Smith "Bill" Monroe:

  Whereas  Mr. Monroe has been an innovator, creator, shaper, performer and promoter of a genre in music which was developed in a particular region of the United States, the upper South;

  Whereas  Mr. Monroe's music is national in scope, is a part of American culture and is now being shared internationally;

  Whereas  since 1938, Mr. Monroe and his "Blue Grass Boys", a band that has served as a training ground for most of the leading musicians in bluegrass music, have provided entertainment and sustenance to Americans from all walks of life;

  Whereas  Mr. Monroe has been a member of the Grand Ole Opry since 1939, a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame since 1969, and has gone from pioneer to patriarch of this popular and important style of American music; and

  Whereas  as a musician, showman, composer, and teacher, Mr. Monroe has become a cultural figure and force of signal importance in our time; Now, therefore, be it

  Resolved,  That the United States Senate recognizes and honors William Smith "Bill" Monroe for his many contributions to American culture and music, and his many years of helping the American people to enjoy themselves, and extends its best wishes to "Bill" Monroe on the occasion of his seventy-fifth birthday.

  Sec. 2,  The Secretary of the Senate is authorized to transmit a copy of this resolution to William Smith "Bill" Monroe.