1-4-116. State songs and anthem.

(a)(1)  The songs "Arkansas (You Run Deep in Me)" and "Oh, Arkansas" shall each be designated and known as the official state song. 
    (2)  The song "Arkansas", written in 1916 by Mrs. Eva Ware Barnett, shall be known and designated as Arkansas' official state anthem. 

(3)  The song "The Arkansas Traveler", as composed and approved by the State Song Commission in 1949 as the official state song, is adopted and designated as Arkansas' official historical song. However, this designation shall not modify or affect the use of any song designated as the official song or anthem of this state if that designation has been appropriately adopted by an act or concurrent resolution of the General Assembly. 

(b)  Recognizing that Arkansas has two (2) state songs, one (1) state anthem, and one (1) historical state song, the Secretary of State shall respond to requests for a copy of the Arkansas state song by furnishing copies of "Arkansas", written by Mrs. Eva Ware Barnett. 

History. Acts 1987, No. 850, 1; House Concurrent Resolution No. 1003, Acts 1987; House Concurrent Resolution No. 1007, Acts 1987.