HCR No. 74

State of Alabama

Regular Session, 1931






WHEREAS, the beautiful and inspiring words of the poem "Alabama", a gift to the people of the State from that distinguished citizen and educational leader, Julia S. Tutweiler, whose life was dedicated to unselfish service for humanity, has never been fittingly set to original music in keeping with its beauty; and,


WHEREAS, Mrs. Edna Gockel-Gussen, another distinguished creative artist of Alabama has written an original composition fittingly adopted to the inspiring lines of this poem, which has been approved and adopted by the Alabama Federation of Music Clubs and was awarded its prize at their annual Convention at Gadsden in 1917, and for ten years has been sung and used as the State song of Alabama by musicians of the State; and,


WHEREAS, the gift by Mrs. Gussen of this beautiful arrangement of music to the words of this poem is a service which is deeply appreciated by the people of our State and deserves recognition, and renders the poem much more beautiful and inspiring than the music not specifically composed for it:


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE STATE OF ALABAMA, THE SENATE CONCURRING, that this original music written by Mrs. Gussen for the poem "Alabama" and as approved and adopted by the Federation of Music Clubs of Alabama be, and the same hereby is, adopted;


BET IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That said poem as set to music by Mrs. Gussen be, and the same is hereby adopted as the State Song for the State of Alabama.