59-1005. GREAT SEAL OF STATE. The design drawn and executed by Miss Emma Edwards, of Boise City, and reported and recommended by the select joint committee to devise a great seal for the state, with the Latin motto "Esto Perpetua," is adopted, and is hereby made the great seal of the state of Idaho. The painting shall serve as the model as to color and form for the center of the seal. The five-pointed star in the painting shall be within a border encircling the painting. Within the border shall be the words: Great Seal of the state of Idaho. The secretary of state, with the approval of the state board of examiners, shall have designed the appropriate encircling border and wording as herein set forth and shall have the same superimposed on a fully colored reproduction of the painting. This, when completed, shall be designated as the "Official Copy" of the great seal of the state of Idaho and shall be maintained in the office of the secretary of state.