Section: 50-3-30.
  (a) The Secretary of State shall keep the great seal of the state 
  adopted August 17, 1914, and on deposit in the office of the
  Secretary of State. The seal shall be either of silver or of some
  harder and more durable metal or composition of metals, 2 1/4 inches
  in diameter.
  (b) The device on one side is a view of the seashore, with a ship
  bearing the flag of the United States riding at anchor near a wharf,
  receiving on board hogsheads of tobacco and bales of cotton,
  emblematic of the exports of this state; at a small distance a boat,
  landing from the interior of the state, with hogsheads, etc., on
  board, representing the state's internal traffic; in the back part
  of the same side a man in the act of plowing; and at a small
  distance a flock of sheep in different postures, shaded by a
  flourishing tree. The motto inscribed thereon is "Agriculture and
  Commerce, 1776."
  (c) The device on the other side is three pillars supporting an
  arch, with the word "Constitution" engraved within the same,
  emblematic of the Constitution, supported by the three departments
  of government, namely the legislative, judicial, and executive.  The
  first pillar has engraved upon a scroll "Wisdom," the second,
  "Justice," the third, "Moderation"; between the second and third
  pillars a man stands with a drawn sword, representing the aid of the
  military in the defense of the Constitution, and the motto is "State
  of Georgia, 1776."