Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 11


Congratulating the members of the Procter R. Hug High School Marching Band and Dance Team for their participation in the Inaugural Parade for the President of the United States.


Whereas,  The members of the 69th Session of the Nevada Legislature and the residents of the State of Nevada were filled with pride upon learning that the Procter R. Hug High School Marching Band and Dance Team participated in the Inaugural Parade for the President of the United States; and

Whereas,  With the full support of the parents, community, private parties, Harrah's Hotel and Casino (Procter R. Hug High School's "Partners in Education") and Reno Air, a dream was fulfilled for over 100 students who marched proudly in Washington, D.C., as the official representatives of the State of Nevada; and

Whereas, This was the first Northern Nevada band to receive such a prestigious invitation, and credit must be given to the band's Director, Gerald Willis, who conceived the idea and pursued this dream with enthusiasm and determination; and

Whereas, While in Washington, D.C., the students found time during their week-long visit to do extensive sight-seeing, including taking tours of the White House and Congress, greeting Governor Bob Miller at Union Square, and visiting Ford's Theatre, where President Lincoln was assassinated, Mount Vernon, several of the Smithsonian Institution museums, the Botanical Gardens, the National Postal Museum, National Geographic, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the Iwo Jima Marine, Korean and Vietnam Memorials and Arlington National Cemetery; now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the Senate of the State of Nevada, the Assembly Concurring,


That the Nevada Legislature hereby congratulates the members of the Procter R. Hug High School Marching Band and Dance Team, which include the band's Director, Gerald Willis, Dance Team Director, Gina Pullin, Teacher's Aide, Roger West, and students John Albertson, Anafe Arenas, Catherine Armer, Andy Bacher, Tim Bean, Jennifer Beauchamp, Rachel Beggs, Kenny Bell, Tonia Biank, Austin Bishop, Jared Bliese, Aimee Booth, Chad Bradfield, David Bradfield, Sheila Brausey, Stephan Burten, Connie Cadigan, Carolyn Carsey, Lynnsey Cheatham, Fred Christopherson, Cameron Clarke, Reanna Cone, Jessica Cooper, Rebekah Couper, Chris Cozzi, Marshé Craine, Samantha Crosthwaite, Poet DeHart, Vanessa Delacruz, Chris Dills, Karen Donathan, Rai Downey, Hannah Dyer, Torrey Eldridge, Jeremiah Ferguson, Ben Flood, Lucas Gerlach, Harry Geyer, Paula Geyer, Katie Goodman, Heather Green, Boyd Grimshaw, Sheri Groves, Christie Heaphy, Erin Howard, Sean Inman, Jon Jackson, Kelly Johnson, Brandon Kersey, Niklaus Kliman, Erin Lassen, Megan Lee, Kevin Lessard, Elizabeth Levitt, Stephen Levitt, Christie Long, Steven Lundstrom, Jessica MacBeath, Rachael Mackowich, Laura Madera, Mike Mahoney, Matt Martino, Marquel McCauley, Jennifer McCord, Stephanie McCormac, Stephen McCoy, Zack Mendelson, Randy Meyer, Ryan Meyer, April Miller, Machelle Miller, Andy Mills, Ryan Mitchell, Mike Morello, Patrick Nava, Chris Neves, Nick Neves, John Packer, C. Shea Past, Marcela Patino, Dawn Patterson, James Penner, Isaiah Pierce, Robyn Powell, Adam Pruitt, Chantal Rapp, Michelle Reeder, Amber Reese, Naomi Regalado, Katie Robertson, Michael Robison, Judi Rought, Amy Schneck, Nicole Scollard, Lacey Scott, Rhonda Serr, Wes Sheaffer, Cathy Sherman, Stephanie Sherman, Amber Shuey, Trent Shuey, Kelly Shurley, Jason Silverhardt, Eric Tinajero, Jennifer Todd, Jessica Troup, Mike Vidal, Abby Walkington, Jonathan Walkington, David Wallace, Jarod Weaver, Jeaneen Welsh, Amberina Wilson, Chris Wood, Martha Wood, Chris Wright, David Wright and JoAnn Yeager; and be it further
Resolved, That the pride and enthusiasm demonstrated by this extraordinary group of young people and their director serves as an inspiration to all residents of the State of Nevada; and be it further

Resolved,  That the Secretary of the Senate prepare and transmit a copy of this resolution to the Director of Procter R. Hug High School Marching Band, Gerald Willis.