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Oklahoma State Fish

White Bass (Sand Bass) Morone chrysops Adopted: April 13, 1974


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Fishes of Oklahoma
Fishes of Oklahoma
by Rudolph J. Miller, Henry W. Robison

Fishes of Oklahoma, by Rudolph J. Miller, Henry W. Robison. 496 pages. University of Oklahoma Press (June 2004) Fishing is one of the most popular sports in Oklahoma, a state that boasts over 1,000 square miles of water. Now Fishes of Oklahoma, the only comprehensive handbook available for identifying fishes across the state of Oklahoma, is available to scientists and to anglers interested in knowing more about the fish they catch.

Oklahoma Sportfishing, by John Allen Gifford. 328 pages. Countryman Press; 1 edition (June 2002) Where and how to catch the biggest fish in a state with a surprising amount of waterfront. Oklahoma Sportfishing is the first and only fishing guide to some 51 lake, reservoir, and stream destinations in Oklahoma. Gifford covers casting, fly fishing, and spin fishing in pursuit of 12 popular species of fish. The heart of the book is its descriptions of dozens of destinations-including directions, special fee or permit requirements, specific seasonal information, and other inside tips.

Bass Wisdom, by Homer Circle. 240 pages. The Lyons Press; 1st edition (April 1, 2000) For more than fifty years, Uncle Homer, as he's widely and affectionately known, has been obsessed with these enigmatic fish. Topics include fishing the deadliest dozen lures, seasonal tactics, fly rodding for bass, successful trolling, fishing secrets of the pros, and what sounds and colors trigger bass strikes. Plus, you get Homer Circle's personal look back at over fifty years of fishing for bass across the continent.

Kevin Vandam's Bass Strategies, by Kevin Vandam, Louie Stout. 210 pages. Kvd Publications (January 1996) The nation's most revered bass angler reveals everything you need to know to catch more bass from reservoirs, natural lakes, and rivers. In addition to dozens of tips for finding and catching bass, VanDam analyzes the dilemmas anglers face and how to overcome them.

Ken Schultz's Field Guide to Freshwater Fish, by Ken Schultz. 272 pages. Wiley; illustrated edition edition (December 29, 2003) From one of the most respected names in the world of sportfishing comes the definitive, full-color guide to 140 of the most common freshwater fish species found in North American rivers, lakes, and streams. Featuring information on identification, habitat, size, and diet, Ken Schultz's Guide to Freshwater Fish is a must for anglers and sportfishing enthusiasts everywhere.

A Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes: North America North of Mexico, by Lawrence M. Page, Brooks M. Burr. 448 pages. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (January 1, 1991) Comprehensive field guide to freshwater fishes - covers all 790 species known in the United States and Canada. More than 700 illustrations, most in color, show identifying marks. Also includes 377 distribution maps and additional drawings of key details.

What Fish Don't Want You to Know: An Insider's Guide to Freshwater Fishing, by Frank P. Baron. 176 pages. International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press; 1 edition (August 27, 2003) Anyone can toss a line into the water and get lucky once in a while, but if you want to catch more and bigger fish and have more fun doing it, you need to learn What Fish Don't Want You to Know. Whether you're new to fishing or an accomplished angler, this comprehensive and entertaining guide will improve your chances every time you cast a line into fresh water.

Ken Schultz's Fishing Encyclopedia, by Ken Schultz. 1760 pages. Wiley; 1 edition (November 1, 1999) Ken Schultz's Fishing Encyclopedia is the new standard for knowledge on fishing and everything related to it. With complete, insightful information for both freshwater and saltwater anglers at all levels of experience, it is the only authoritative, and up-to-date fishing encyclopedia available. More than 2,000 detailed entries and over 1,400 color illustrations and photos cover every aspect of fishing today, including fish species, equipment, places, techniques, and a wide array of other information.

Complete line of fishing equipment including rods, reels, rod and reel combinations, fly fishing gear, bait and spin casting rods and reels, ice fishing equipment, lures and flies, and other accessories. All major brands.