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Official State Folk Dance

The American Square Dance... The square dance is the official state folk dance of Colorado. It was adopted by the Colorado General Assembly on March 16, 1992.

The square dance is the most popular type of folk dance in the United States. This dance for four couples, or groups of four couples, is performed in a compact framework of a square, each couple forming a side. Traditionally accompanied by a fiddle, accordian, banjo and guitar, the couples perform a variety of movements prompted by the patter or singing calls (instruction) of a "caller". Cooperative movement is the hallmark of well executed square dancing.

Square dancing is to be distinguished from related dances called contra or longways dance where couples stand double file in a line and from round dances where couples stand in a circle. The origin of the square dance can be traced to English derivation and to the stately French cotillon performed in square formation that was popular at the court of Louis the fifteenth later replace by the quadrille (another square dance).

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