Online Degree Programs in 12-18 months DirectDegree - Leading Directory of colleges Westwood College
American College of Computer & Information Sciences Whether you want to create technology, manage it or take a more traditional business path, American College of Computer & Information Sciences has the certification or accredited degree that can help you meet your career goals. American College of Computer & Information Sciences
DeVry University For students who are interested in earning their graduate or undergraduate degrees online from DeVry University. Devry University   Devry University - International Students DirectDegree is a leading resource for distance learning programs and online schools. We feature hundreds of courses and degrees from accredited and state licensed colleges and universities. Advance your career! Get an accredited online degree today! Connecting you to a better future. degreeUSA is a leading education resource for working professionals who want to advance their careers. Get an ONLINE DEGREE! Increase your salary!
Kaplan University If you want to begin or advance your career in criminal investigation, the Crime Scene Technician Certificate program offers the specialized training you need to increase your value in todayís job market. Kaplan University - Crime Scene Technician Certificate
Keller Graduate School of Management Keller Graduate School of Management at DeVry University. Keller Graduate School of Business Management
Kennedy-Western University Kennedy-Western University offers 37 online degree programs. Inquire and learn how an advanced degree could further your career.
Liberty University As a fully accredited university, Liberty is a place where bright minds come together to accomplish more than you ever thought possible. Take the next step towards your future by applying now! Liberty University
Suffield University Offering life experience degree opportunities and work experience degrees with distance learning. Suffield University
University of Maryland University College Since 1947, University of Maryland University College (UMUC) has pursued one primary mission: to make higher education more accessible, convenient, and rewarding for busy adults. University of Maryland University College - Graduate Programs
University of Phoenix Founded in 1976, University of Phoenix was one of the first accredited universities to offer online college education with complete degree programs via the Internet. We are also the nation's largest accredited university. University of Phoenix Online
Utica College Enter the high-demand, high-paying world of Economic Crime Investigation Utica College, a world leader in economic crime prevention education, provides regionally accredited Bachelorís and Masterís Degree programs in Economic Crime. Utica College
Westwood College Westwood's Institute of Technology offers career-focused education with a number of degree programs. Westwood College's Information Systems Security program focuses on network management and systems security.


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